1080 parlementaires européens contre le projet d’annexion de la vallée du Jourdain.

Autour d’Avraham BURG, ancien président de la KNESSET en Israël, nous sommes plus de 1080 parlementaires, issus de 25 pays à avoir signé une lettre pour refuser le projet d’annexion de la vallée du Jourdain en Cisjordanie (West Bank).

Ainsi nous demandons aux autorités israéliennes comme aux autorités européennes de renoncer à ce projet fou, qui inévitablement relancerait des tensions lourdes au moyen Orient. Ni Israël ni la Palestine n’ont besoin de cela, le plan TRUMP est une hérésie.

Voici le mail d’Avraham BURG:

Dear M. Gilbert ROGER, 

I am reaching out to thank you once again for your support of our initiative against annexation of West Bank territory.  

The letter has been signed by an impressive number of 1,080 Members of Parliament and Members of the European Parliament from 25 European countries and from across political parties. 

I sent the letter last night to European Foreign Ministers and EU High Representative Josep Borrell, and it is being published in selected media across Europe today.

I am attaching the final text of the letter (including the list of signatories) as it was sent to High Representative Borrell and the Foreign Ministers, and it can also be found online here. We also have versions in German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Czech

So far, news coverage about the letter has appeared in the BBC, El Pais, Le Figaro, Swedish Radio (and follow up on the radio here), and more pieces are set to be published in several more places throughout the course of the day today. Haaretz here in Israel also published a piece on it, in both English and Hebrew, and the letter has received significant attention in other Israeli media sources today as well. 

Please feel free to share this initiative widely in your networks, including on Twitter and other social media. You can find Zehava Galon’s tweet about the letter here, which you are welcome to share.

We believe that our collective expression of support for a peaceful two-state resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and to the international rules-based order is incredibly important. 

We hope as well for your support in following up on the initiative at national level through your respective relevant channels. 

Again, we are truly grateful for your support.

My best wishes,

Avraham Burg

Former Speaker of Knesset and Head of the Jewish Agency


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